Happiness in Practical Wisdom – links and further reading

The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible may be 400 years old but it is available in electronic form and can be read in its entirety online here.

A full-length history of the KJV is Alister McGrath’s In the Beginning: The Story of the King James Bible and How It Changed a Nation, a Language, and a Culture (Hodder & Stoughton, 2001).

A brief overview of the history of the KJV is available here.

Thomas Nelson, the largest publisher of KJV Bibles, has organized a 400 day celebration of the fourth centennial of the KJV.

A three hundred page history of the John Lewis Partnership has recently been published as Spedan’s Partnership: The Story of John Lewis and Waitrose, by Peter Cox (Labatie Books, 2010).

A short biographical sketch of John Spedan Lewis is available here on the John Lewis Partnership website. The same page contains a link to a recording of an address Lewis delivered on the BBC in 1957 that sets out his vision for business.

The poll scoring John Spedan Lewis as Britain’s greatest business leader was conducted in 2002 by the BBC. Andrew Carnegie, Joseph Rowntree and William Lever were runners-up (in that order). See here for a short BBC report.

Lambeth Council in London recently unveiled plans to become a ‘John Lewis Council’ as part of an effort to deliver public services more effectively. Read more here.

Happiness research is booming, most of its findings confirming that happiness has more to do with wisdom than with wealth. The exercise of practical wisdom in relationships is shown to be of particular importance. For discussions of happiness by academics in theology and ethics see The Practices of Happiness: Political Economy, Religion and Wellbeing, edited by John Atherton, Elaine Graham & Ian Steedman (Routledge 2011). One of the chapters is written by Peter Heslam.

The UK’s coalition government has asked the Office of National Statistics to develop new ways of measuring people’s happiness in terms of well-being. For a positive response to this initiative in the Guardian newspaper by the leaders of three Christian organizations, click here. The same organizations (Cafod, Tearfund and Theos) have produced a report on well-being entitled Wholly Living, available here.