Eradicating Poverty – links and further reading

Transforming Business is a project at Cambridge University directed by Dr Peter Heslam that analyzes and catalyzes enterprise solutions to poverty . The project's website contains relevant information, resources and links.

Transforming Business plays an active role in other initiatives that seek to enhance the role of business in human development, including the Transformational Business Network and Business Fights Poverty.
Two books that have recently appeared on this issue are:

  • Peter Heslam, Transforming Capitalism: Entrepreneurship and the Renewal of Thrift (Grove, 2010) - see here for a description. It is available from the publisher or via Amazon.
  • Ann Bernstein, The Case for Business in Developing Economies (Penguin, 2010). Some editions of this book are alternatively entitled In Defence of Business in Developing Economies but it is the same text. Ann’s book is also available from the publisher or via Amazon.

The website of Micah Challenge International can be found here. Micah Challenge in the UK has produced a prayer that can be used to pray for the poor. It is based on a prayer by Nehemiah that is recorded in Nehemiah 1:1-10 and it is available here.

The UN summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) referred to in the reflection was held in New York, 20-22 September 2010. Statements, reports and other communiqués related to the proceedings are available on the summit’s website here.  For the UN website dedicated to the MDGs, click here.