Champion of the Poor - links and further reading

In the run up to the 2013 bicentenary of David Livingstone's birth, several new historical accounts of his remarkable life and times have appeared in print. They include:

Stephen Tomkins, David Livingstone: The Unexplored Story (Lion, 2013).

Tim Jeal, Livingstone (Yale University Press, 2013 revised edition).

Julie Davidson, Looking for Mrs Livingstone (St Andrew's Press, 2012).

Livingstone sometimes used a third 'c' when addressing the potential of Christianity and commerce 'civilization'. To cite an example from 1857: 'Those two pioneers of civilization Christianity and commerce should ever be inseparable.'

Christianity and commerce are certainly made inseparable by Archbishop Justin Welby in his short book, Can Companies Sin? 'Whether', 'How' and 'Who' in Company Accountability (Grove Books, 1992). It reflects his background as a business leader prior to becoming a church leader.

Biographers have been made furiously busy by the announcements of the new Archbishop of Canterbury and the new Pope. Fresh off the press is Andrew Atherton, Archbishop Justin Welby: The Road to Canterbury (Darton, Longman & Todd, 2013).

Two initiatives directed by Peter Heslam that seek to bring together Christianity and commerce are Transforming Business at the University of Cambridge, and the Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative at the University of Oxford.